Regulation of the II International Summer Art School of the CMS

1. General terms

1.1. The present document regulates all the arrangements of the II International Summer Art School of the CMS, hereinafter referred to as ISAS.
1.2. The organizer and promoter of the ISAS is Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of professional education “Central Music School at Moscow State P.I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory”, hereinafter referred to as CMS.
1.3. The dates of the ISAS: August, 1 – 10, 2017. The venue of the event is the CMS, Russia, Moscow, Maly Kislovsky lane, 4, bld.5
1.4. The main objectives of the ISAS:

  • Preservation and further strengthening of the best traditions of the performing art;
  • Identification and support of the musically talented children and teenagers, contributing to their further professional development;
  • Development of the educational system in the field of culture and art; dissemination of the experience of the leading music teachers

1.5 In order to realize all the main goals and to hold the ISAS on the highest level the Organizing Committee of the ISAS has been formed. The members of the Committee are defined by the special order of the CMS.

2. Participants

2.1. The ISAS is open for Russian and foreign junior musicians: students of music schools and art schools; students and graduates of professional educational institutions, students, graduates and post-graduates of universities and academies.
2.2 The age of the participants must not be lower than 7.
2.3 Repertoire requirements are not supposed for any of the participants.

3. Teachers

3.1 The teaching personnel of the ISAS consist of the famous musicians, bright performers and well-known music teachers, including the Professors of Moscow Conservatory and leading teachers of the CMS.
3.2 The teaching personnel are defined by the special order of the CMS.

4. Arrangements of the ISAS

4.1 In the framework of the ISAS the following events are to be held:
— a course of the individual classes with the teachers;
— extra classes on the specialties, master-classes, lectures, practical group and individual lessons;
— open master classes;
— concerts of the ISAS participants in the concert halls of the CMS and other concerts venues.
4.2 The basic course of the individual classes consists of 5 lessons 45 minutes each. On the agreement with the Organizing Committee parents or other legal representatives, teachers including, may present at the individual classes in the framework of the ISAS.
4.3 Each participant has all the rights to define the necessary number of the individual classes, master classes and may choose the teacher from the given list of the specialists (in case there are vacant places at the moment of applying).
4.4. The duration of the educational program in the framework of the individual basic course is to be defined by the teacher.
4.5. All the classes in the framework of the ISAS are to be held in the CMS classrooms specially equipped with the high quality music instruments.
4.6 Open master classes are to be held in the CMS concert halls. All open master classes are publicly available.
4.7 For the period of the ISAS the CMS provides all the participants with the separate classes for the individual training and all the libraries.
4.8 Each participant is to receive a special certificate after finishing the basic course of the individual classes and master classes.

5. Applications

5.1 To become a participant of the ISAS it is necessary to send to the CMS the application form that is given on the CMS website. The following information is to be attached to the application form:
— a link of the video performance of the participant posted on (a program by the choice of each participant not longer than 10 minutes). The video is to be recorded not earlier than the 1 of November 2016;
— a short biography showing the place of the current studies, the names of the specialties teachers, the laureate titles and other awards won at the competitions and festivals (*doc format, not more than A4 page).
5.2 Each teacher of the ISAS may select the students in accordance with the sent application forms and presented videos.
5.3 In the case of the successful agreement with the teacher of the ISAS the applicant receives an official invitation from the CMS and banking details for the further payment.
5.4 In case the application has been rejected by the ISAS teacher the CMS informs the applicant about it and proposes another teacher.
5.5 Application deadline is June, the 15th, 2017

6. Financial conditions of the participation

6.1 The cost of the active and passive (as a listener) participation in the ISAS is to be defined by the special order by the CMS Director.
6.2 The applicant is to pay the full cost of the participation after receiving the official confirmation and the agreement from the CMS. The full cost must be paid within the period defined by the official agreement.
6.3 In case the participation is cancelled the advanced payment is not refunded.
6.4 Each participant or legal representatives are responsible for all the expenses connected with the arrival, departure, stay in Moscow, meals, health care services.
6.5 Participants and their legal representatives living outside the Russian Federation are responsible for the visas and all the expenses connected with the documents.
6.6. The Organizing Committee issues and sends official invitations to foreign participants for applying for the Russian visas.

7. Refresher courses for the teachers

7.1 Refresher courses for the teachers are available in the framework of the ISAS and include 72 hours of studies.
7.2 The cost of the participation in the Courses is defined by the special order of the CMS.
7.3 Each participant of the Courses receives a special certificate after finishing the course training.

8. Special conditions

8.1 The organizing committee reserves the right to make audio and video recordings of any part of the ISAS. The copyright in all such recordings remains the property of the organizing committee and participants are deemed to have given consent for the organizing committee to distribute or duplicate these in any way it sees fit.
8.2 The sent application is the evidence that the third party does not possess author’s rights on the photo and video materials created in the framework of the ISAS.
8.3 All the participants are to take part in the concerts in the framework of the ISAS. The fee is not provided.
8.4. The send application form is the evidence that the participant fully agrees with all the conditions of the ISAS Regulation.